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Vine Library

More than books

Introducing Students to Jesus and a love for reading through the best book ever, the Bible! Located in the rural community named “Missions” by the city, what began as a small one room area, The Vine Library opened its doors May 12, 2012. Afternoon’s at The Vine offer Reading Club students ages 6-13 the opportunity to learn to read through over 1,500 books for the whole family while also participating in our Bible based Workshops. From Storytelling, to Crafting, Board & Outdoor Games, Painting, Healthy Habits and Exercise, Music Classes, Cooking and more.. we use any talent as an opportunity to share the Gospel, make disciples and release our students back into our community outreach programs and beyond! Mothers are encouraged to come with their children under 6 to hear the Gospel and learn useful life skills as well. Local Youth 13 and up are encouraged to apply for VBM’s Student Internships or a Servant Leadership Mentor role in our programs.  Teacher Martha Garcia Zapata leads VBM’s Ladies Lifeskills Discipleship Workshop. Mothers find a safe place to pray together, hear the Gospel and be discipled as they also learn to sew,, jewelry making, crafting, baking and more.





More Than Soccer

In 2009 after witnessing young men who were hearing the Gospel yet uninterested in attending church in order to play soccer on Sundays, God led VBM President Alex Aburto to begin Victory Soccer League, a City-Wide Inter Church Soccer Outreach weekly sharing Jesus with over 250 men ages 15 and up. Victory Soccer was the first Christian sport outreach league in its city eventually opening the way for other church leagues to begin. Alex, unknowledgeable about soccer relied on God making a way and equipping those called. Over the years hundreds of men have made decisions for Christ, have joined local churches, been baptized and are now serving in the Church and community. Discipleship takes place through local churches who ‘Pastor’ and enroll their teams of unreached men alongside believers who meet once a week. At game time both teams meet up center field and together spend time in God’s word. At half time the teams gather once again to share a time of prayer over each other. What a privilege it is to witness men take a knee center field and pray to receive Christ. The heart of Victory Soccer is truly just as our motto says, “More Than Soccer”! “Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” John 4:35


Student Internships & Leaders In Training

More Than Discipleship

Local Student Internships and Leaders In Training both focus on discipleship through evangelism and ministry training then releasing our students and staff into the Great Commission in our city and beyond. Also, U.S. and International Student Internships are available for a semester or longer. In recent years 27 students and 4 staff have served beyond our city with mission partners L.I.T., Mobile Missions Network, FBC Verdigris, and Angus Church. L.I.T Students age 9-13 and VBM Student Interns (13 and up) discover their spiritual gifts, develop daily habits for long term spiritual growth and engage in ministry training as the Holy Spirit equips them to go out into their community and beyond to proclaim Jesus. These VBM Students and Interns serve alongside us in The Vine Library, Victory Soccer Outreach, with visiting Mission Teams as well as with our local ministry partners at Children’s Homes, Boys Explorer Club, Girls Mentorship Groups, Neighborhood Food and Prayer Walks, Local Schools, the City Dump, Neighborhood Bible Camps, Door to Door Prayer & Food Distribution Walks Discipleship Semesters for Men,  Ladies & Youth. VBM Students and Staff have also now served in Missions in Panama, Oklahoma, Nuevo Laredo, Villa Union, Nava and Acuña..U.S. Students 16+ can apply to come live and serve alongside us in Piedras Negras, Mexico for a week, summer, semester or longer. Contact us for more details.

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